What is Consulting?

Sometimes organizations require short-term assistance or specific expertise. I am available as a consultant for short-term (from as little as one day) to longer-term (up to many months) projects. I have had the pleasure of professionally serving a wide variety of clients in public and private sector organizations. I provide customized and creative solutions that deliver results and add value. 

My Expertise

• Meeting facilitation

• Strategic planning (creating and facilitating sessions)

• Process review and redesign 

• Process documentation and training

• Development of policies and procedures (and manuals) 

• Creation and delivery of customized training materials

• Project management

• Research and report-writing 

• Technical writing

• Creating and delivering custom presentations 

• Team assessment and team-building

• Business and risk analysis

• Regulatory affairs and monitoring


Please contact me at to discuss the specifics of your requirements and to obtain a quote.